maddy (themadone) wrote,

Bloody Doctor Who!

He might be victorious, but thanks to him my team came 4th in the IFIS quiz last night. *pout* We came joint 3rd and the tiebreaker question that decided things ended up being an obscure Doctor Who question and with doris on the other team, we had no chance. But on the plus side, we didn't come last and end up with some Twilight loo-paper.

But last night was a damn fine event and the quiz was fiendishly difficult and challenging. It was good to see a few old faces and a lot of new ones too show up. I'm hoping that means that now they know where the pub is, they might stick their head in the door on the Thursday socials too.

The pictures I took are up on the website and are awaiting moderation. Until then, you have to be logged in to be able to see them. But since they need tagging, I imagine people will be wanting to log in to fix that anyway :)

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