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Well although the pickled onion snack food idea is working from the point of view of stopping me from snacking on chocolate, it's not working from the point of view of my co-workers. They've decided to complain about the smell. Luckily I've just finished the jar, but it does mean I'll have to think of something else to snack on tomorrow.


Try olives. They're tasty, savoury and not as steenkeh as onions. ^_^
You are an evil, evil man.

I think the general problem is that pickled products in general are bad. Plus I don't like pickles (or Olives).

I think some form of baked pasta product is in order - shame I'm unlikely to have time to produce such things before tomorrow.

well olives arn't sin free anyway :P

Erm might be worth trying to make sin free crisps. i saw the recipie years and years ago, but i've not heard it at slimming world so i don't know how good they'd be... (otherwise why have people not done them? or will i be a pioneer?)
Are you particular about the style of preparation of your gherkins?
My beloved will only eat sliced gherkins.
They have to have been sliced across not lengthways.
The have to have been sliced across using a ridged cutter.

Doesn't matter what they are called, or how they are prepared - they are foul slimey mini-cucumbers of repulsiveness. I also make sure my burgers don't have them.