maddy (themadone) wrote,

Saturday I spent most of the day playing Dwarf Fortress and have been utilising the power of Magma in my laptop fortress (as opposed to the netbook one). Haven't managed to harness the power of water yet to power my defense system which is vexing. Especially as the local goblin population have started taking notice of my fortress.

I also went to the Southwark game, although was late due to work calling me at exactly the wrong moment. So I missed my train. Wasn't excessively late admittedly, but it was annoying as the call was for something that wasn't in my realm to fix.

Sunday, turned up to re-enactment to discover that we'd been ousted from our room due to some drama lovies stealing the room booking and no-one telling us. So we decamped to a nearby common room and discussed future plans instead. Which kinda worked out OK for me, as I needed to be in Founders for the library move. Which went mostly OK, except that the books had to be moved to the president's house since our lovely librarian couldn't take them and the SU was shut.

Spent the evening watching telly and saw Back to the Future 3 and the best bit of Die Hard 4.0 (so you've run out of bullets - why not throw a copcar at the badguys instead!).

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