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Saturday I spent most of the day playing Dwarf Fortress and have been utilising the power of Magma in my laptop fortress (as opposed to the netbook one). Haven't managed to harness the power of water yet to power my defense system which is vexing. Especially as the local goblin population have started taking notice of my fortress.

I also went to the Southwark game, although was late due to work calling me at exactly the wrong moment. So I missed my train. Wasn't excessively late admittedly, but it was annoying as the call was for something that wasn't in my realm to fix.

Sunday, turned up to re-enactment to discover that we'd been ousted from our room due to some drama lovies stealing the room booking and no-one telling us. So we decamped to a nearby common room and discussed future plans instead. Which kinda worked out OK for me, as I needed to be in Founders for the library move. Which went mostly OK, except that the books had to be moved to the president's house since our lovely librarian couldn't take them and the SU was shut.

Spent the evening watching telly and saw Back to the Future 3 and the best bit of Die Hard 4.0 (so you've run out of bullets - why not throw a copcar at the badguys instead!).


How were you hoping to use water to power your defence system? :o

Nothing overly complicated. I have a 3-wide corridor leading into my fortress with a drawbridge at one end and a retractable bridge at the other. In the middle I have a series of creature activated triggers that when pressed, activate a water-powered latch that opens the bridges. Which should either send them plummeting to their doom if they're on the retractable bridge, or leave them boxed up for my marksdwarves to deal with. And when the carnage is over, I've got a lever to reset the trap.

But I don't have a river and I've not pulled me finger out yet to properly utilise all the murky pools yet. If I get my act together, I want to set things up so that the murky pools only drain when they're full and then fill up an underground reservoir which maintains my power and computing needs.

Cos at some point I want to have an animal pit that every so often kills some of them, cos keeping the meat supply flowing is the main problem I'm having. I figure automating it is the best way forward :D

Hum. From what I gather, fluid logic without an endless water source like a river is pretty freakin' difficult. My current fortress has an underground river and a brook, so I'm looking into ways to turn that to my advantage. Oh, and a magma pipe too. And a chasm.

For the auto-slaughterer, if you've got a magma pipe (and thus infinite supply of magma) then maybe some kind of volcanic clock would work? Magma flows pretty slowly, so set up a suitably-sized chamber for it with a pressure plate at the far end and a drawbridge covering the floor.

When the magma in the chamber reaches a certain level it flips the drawbridge on and off once, annihilating the magma and resetting the timer. If the same pressure plate is also linked to the spike traps scattered around the floor of the animal pit, there's a good chance that some of the animals'll get skewered, and as long as you've still got a breeding pair in there it should be self-sustaining. Dwarves retrieve the freshly-slaughtered meat via no-animal-access doors, and carry it off to be butchered.

The only potential issues I can see with such an auto-slaughtering abattoir are those of animal carcasses being left in there too long until they rot and spew miasma everywhere, or careless dwarves blundering into the slaughter-chamber just before it goes off.

I wasn't thinking spikes...I was thinking a retractable drawbridge and a deep pit. I could put a butchers at the bottom too and make sure I've got some peasants doing nothing but butchery. I like the idea of using magma for the timing though. But I don't have any bauxite to hand. Or Iron (except from goblins). So my magma fun and games isn't quite up to speed yet :(

I think what I might try is making the animal pen really large and having a couple of pressure pads to some bridges. If I scatter them widely enough, it'll only thin a random amount of the herd and they won't wipe themselves out. It's fun to experiment with the lives of computer generated creatures :)