maddy (themadone) wrote,

Bloody awesome weekend ;)

Had a pretty uneventful weekend except for Halloween cos I spent it playing far too much Dwarf Fortress. So much so that I totally had to rush to get ready for the party and missed out on scaring the little kiddies treak or treating with my costume. This year's effort was a spikey faced demon complete with meat cleaver and the remains of his previous victim - a severed hand. I also had on my muzzle cos I figured eating folk probably wasn't allowed at parties, but it turns out the costume was far more scary without it. So I ended up having great fun freaking out midnightschilde a lot.

I got a couple of photos of me fully masked up, but I didn't get one with out the muzzle, so I'll hold off on posting photos until I get one of that.

I also need to get one of the "blood" I made. I'm quite pleased with my efforts to make fake edible blood, even if I did over do it with the blue food colouring, so it's really really far too dark. But it's the right kind of thickness and when I shake the bottle it *gloops* rather than *sloshes*

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