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Epic marathon

Since I had a trackable item I needed to offload quickly and so did nuuki, we went geocaching again with blue_cat and charliemouse in Windsor Great Park. The place was heaving with people because not only was it a awesomely lovely sunny day, but also there was a half marathon being run through the park. We managed 6 or so caches pretty easily (and dropping off our trackables) and then we decided to be greedy and go for a 7th. This was possibly a mistake.

After climbing up the hill in an attempt to walk in a straight line to it, we found a fence. So we wandered along the fence only to end up back on the road we'd originally decided not to walk down cos of the race. The geocache turned out to be on the other side of the road and it took us a while to find a gap in the runners to be able to cross and not get killed. So back on course, we tromped through the woods and after a few detours cos the path didn't quite head in the right direction, we found what we thought was the pond we were looking for.

I say pond, as there was some form of liquid, but it seriously looked like something out of a horror movie. Filled with dead trees, no sign of life anywhere, we half expected a horde of zombie ducks to waddle out quacking (or mooing) "brains..." at us. I should explain at this point, that the name of the cache was "Where the ducks go moooo!". So we attempted to walk around this desolated place and lo and behold, end up back near the road again and the runners. Striking back into the woods, we eventually found another larger, more healthy/normal looking, body of water called "Cow Pond".

I'm not entirely sure what went wrong here, but we ended up walking to the far side of it, only to discover that the cache was back where we already were. Eventually (it'd taken us quite a long time by now), I managed to spot the signature pile of leaves and branches that signifies a hidden cache and lo, it was there. And inside was another trackable - a racing car - which I've kept with a view to sending it closer to it's goal. Which I doubt I'll have a hand in as it apparently wants to do a tour of US race car circuits.

Of course I now feel as shattered as I did after doing Freshers Fayre, undoing the recovery I'd already made. Hopefully a nice peaceful evening in front of the telly with some takeaway will rectify that. Or maybe a nap is required first?


http://blue-cat.livejournal.com/1290023.html = Zombie Lake

http://blue-cat.livejournal.com/1290361.html = Cow Lake

And yes, an epic walk. I am still achy!