maddy (themadone) wrote,

The weekend so far!

In one of those rare unprecedented moments, I'm actually remember to update during the weekend rather than do a big splurge on Monday. Despite feeling like my feet had been turned into two lumps of minced meat, I popped in on nuuki for a chilled evening of pizza, conversation and a bit of telly too (we saw that Derren Brown thing).

Saturday was pretty much a wasted more ways than one. Plucking up a whole heap of courage, I sauntered over to a house warming party for one of my student friends where I think I knew about 5 people. By the end of it though I'd met loads of new people and I think I might even be able to remember their names if I meet them again. I also threw caution to the wind and drank a large bottle of WKD which was 3.2 units! *gasp* It tasted pretty vile though - probably works better if it's served cold rather fresh out of the supermarket.

Can't sleep any more now, hence why I'm up so early. Plus I did briefly have a niggling little at the back of my head that might have been a hangover, but was so insignificant, I barely noticed it at first. It's gone already anyway, so it can't have been important :)

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