maddy (themadone) wrote,

A pretty good weekend. Went in to town to buy this month's book for the reading group and ended up being suckered in by discount deals into buying 9 books. Did a brief spot of geocaching on the way to the London Requiem game. Finding stuff in the center of busy old London is kinda scary, but I think we (me and lucifermourning) pulled it off without anyone noticing. The game itself was a bit more action packed and included the quote "You're not meant to grapple her *there*!".

Sunday was "wasted" playing GTA4. Got a few more achievements and played an awful lot of multiplayer games. Somehow I even managed to kill one of the GTA4 developers and got the achievement for that too. It was a pretty unsatisifying kill - far too easy.

Only a few more days until the regional. I'm very excited.

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