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Just thought I'd see how the geocache was located that I thought was possibly on site for the regional...seems the geocaching site had me pointed at the wrong village/town. It's actually nowhere near.


There is one nearby, so I'll have at least one to nab, but it doesn't look suitable for the trackable. So that part of the plan will need re-thinking. I suppose I could slog over fields to one of the other nearby ones, but I'm not sure if I'd be entirely that eager after a hard night of Mortal-ing. Suppose I could always look at somewhere local?


What is geocaching? Lots of people keep talking about it!

Um...let's see. Basically a geocache is a small container someone has hidden somewhere - often in a place that is nice or interesting or something. There's a website (geocaching.com) that keeps track of all the geocaches and tells you the latitude and longitude of them, along with a bit of a description and if you need it a clue. You take a GPS gizmo, plug in the coordinates and go off looking for the geocache. When you find it, you add your name to the log book inside and register it on the website too.

There are 1000s of them all over the country. They vary in size from no bigger than a AA battery to a tupperware box. The larger ones often have trinkets in them that you can swap if you want and have trinkets of your own. Some are more complicated and involve puzzles - like the one on RHUL campus. Some don't exist and you have to take a photograph of yourself in the right location to validate you having found it.

I can't remember exactly where you live, but there are loads in Bournemouth, for example. I imagine there might be a few out back behind your house too.

That actually sounds really fun! I bet there are some on the heath somewhere :D

Yeah, that's one of the multipart puzzle type of geocache. Looks like there are quite a few within easy walking distance of your place.

Should visit at some point and welcome you into your next decade too (trust me - it's painless)

I'm having a Halloween party if you are interested in coming to that :D

Possibly...I was thinking of prodding lots of folk that you've not seen in far too long to see if they'd want to mount an expedition!

They can make a mission to the halloween party :D :D I don't want to have a party where I am sat sad and lonely in a corner, which is why I don't have parties normally as that is what would happen! :)
Planning on getting a gps receiver and taking it up. However it has to wait until car goes through service.