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That was a pretty mighty weekend. It started with nuuki dragging me off for more geocaching.

The first one was quite simple and was on a tiny little island on the river. Although I'd barely call it such as it was only about a metre from the bank. On it was some picnic stuff and an almighty number of geese. You couldn't take a step without there being a goose standing menacingly in front of you. Amazingly, we managed to get clear of them and find the cache in an area devoid of any animal/muggle life.

The 2nd one I've no idea where it was apart from being near Laleham which is where we spent most of the afternoon. Given the location of it, we were amazed it'd not been ever discovered by muggles as it is in plain sight.

The 3rd was more typical of what I've been used to - a big romp in the woods/undergrowth. This was one of special note for two reasons...firstly, it was the first one I found myself - so far nuuki was the one making his Spot Hidden tests. Secondly, it had a trackable item in it - a small metal unicorn figurine - which I've taken as I plan on putting it into one of the caches up near the Southern regional.

The 4th was damn tricky. It was right by the river and there were a group of muggles nearby who kept watching us. I solved the clue and worked out where it was and nuuki tried out his ninja sneaking skills to retrieve it, but I think they spotted us. Certainly when we tried to put it back it was like a million eyes were staring at us. So we went and did another one and then when we came back they were gone.

The last one of the day was very cunningly hidden and frustratingly, I must have been looking right at it at one point but was distracted by something else that was shiny. Oops. But nuuki has been doing this for longer than me, so he is able to ignore such distractions and found it.

I think I've certainly caught the geocaching bug though. If only it wasn't winter coming up, I think I'd be tempted to go out and find some on my own, but I suspect I'll be needing wellies soon.

Then in the evening was a fun Requiem game although much of the conversation was frankly quite disturbing...I think I only need to mention the film "Teeth" to give you some ideas on how disturbing it was.

On Sunday I had an surprise visit from eggwhite who came around and we finally sorted out getting the TV attached to the wall. They'd supplied another 6 bolts it turns out and we ended up having to use them with the rule(sp?) plugs plus some of the old ones as we had a couple more shearing incidents. Clearly the superman exists and he is eggwhite.

And I played some more GTA 4 and I believe I'm about to complete the last mission. I did have a few stabs at it, but the first time I got confused as to what to do next and ended up losing the target and then whilst attempting to repeat it, ended up dying a lot cos I wasn't tooled up to the eyeballs any more. Bah. Will have another go at some point during the week so that I can finally get it done though.