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Cold turkey

I thought practically mainlining the last 2 Scalzi books back to back, was going to result in some cold turkey. I was mostly wrong. I seem to be suffering from cold turkey, but from my other vice - coding. I have a real strong urge to code something, but nothing to work on. It hurts so much :(


Hmmm, I'm still looking for someone to create a photography portfolio site for me. Don't know if you'd fancy that sort of thing? If you do, mail me on karohemd at yahoo dot com and we can have a chat. :o)
You can make me a character database if you like :D I am too busy responding to plot emails to do it!

For what RPG? And where would it be hosted?

for our warhammer 40k larp :) hosted on our site (it does let you have database stuff as I put the forum up there)...

I don't have the books for that, so you'll need to discuss this in more depth with me - email is probably best for that. Plus I'll need more info on what stuff your webhosting supports so I know what to write stuff in too :)