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So a pretty average weekend. I spent an awful lot of it playing Ghostbusters and eventually completed it on Sunday. Which I guess makes it a bit a of short game compared to what I normally play, but it was still a lot of fun. And there's still plenty of life left in it as I missed a few collectables and I gotta get all the trophies :)

The London Requiem game was pretty predictable, what with there being a change of STs. So not much plotty stuff got sorted, but there was a big long chat about plotty stuff where we attempted to bring the court up to speed. New ST seems like a decent sort and I'm sure once he gets a handover plot will return in great abundance.

I watched the Torchwood 5-parter. Thought it was a bit long winded and the general consensus seems to be that this might be cos I watched it all in one sitting. Which isn't really a good excuse - people will be buying it on DVD at some point and watching it in one go then too. I can answer Gwen's question of why the Doctor didn't show up...he'd have identified the problem and fixed it in episode 1 ;)

I also saw S. Darko. I think I'll write up a seperate review and post that later.


Who's STing London now?

Mike Nudd. He's only been playing a short while (compared to most of us), but he's playing the harpy of London. Pretty good roleplayer from what I've seen and he puts on this awesomely outragious french accent for his character too :)

Indeed, my experiences of him do indeed put him in the "not a cock" category :)

He's definitely quite a laid back, fun kind of a guy - just the sort that will quite happily bugger us senseless with the plot dildo, laughing like a maniac :)

I know him, sort of, from the VTES tournaments I used to go to. Always seemed like a nice guy, good organiser and he created the 'Prince of the City' boardgame. :)

That game rings a bell...I can't remember how or why tho

It's the 'Vampire: The Masquerade' boardgame; you've probably seen it around.
You did sit and watch 5 hours of television in one go... even when watching DVDs I don't do that :p

(Admitedly I did for this, and I still loved it)

I do tend to watch other TV shows like that and I've never found it a problem. Having given it a little more thought, it's almost like each episode had to rev itself up to certain level before really getting stuck into the story which other TV shows don't tend to do if they're following on from a previous episode.

That and once they'd decided to show it as one per night for 5 consecutive days they'd stuck themselves with the pacing they ended up with really. If they'd had it as faster-paced they'd not only have needed more plot but it would have seemed way too fast to watch back to back IMO.

As for The Doctor not showing up, that's more a function of where the TARDIS decides to take him. Presumably this time it knew things would get resolved well enough without him intervening....