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Over the past 70 or so days, I've been playing an ARG called Xi. I've never played an ARG before, so I don't know how it compares to anything else, but boy was it hard. It finished this week though and whilst there are promises of more yet to come, I think I'm going to miss playing it until then. But I do have some (virtual) trophies to keep my company in the mean time :)



Wikipedia explains it better than I ever could - ARG

Very interesting the Wiki about ARG. How did you feel the game went?

I think it went well, but was spoilt by lazy stupid people. The main focal point of this arg was the 3d chat system that you can get on the PS3 and you'd see people wandering about it asking people for the answers cos they were too lazy/stupid to solve them themselves. And even worse, there'd be people wandering about shouting out the answers too.

And this was to some lesser extent replicated onto the forums as well, except in other ways far worse as it's impossible to avoid people randomly giving out the answers in a thread.

For example, there was one puzzle last week that started with us cutting up bits of paper and doing origami to get a web address that had a clue to a real world magazine and so on... and I don't know how, but someone worked out the answer without actually having followed the clues and immediately there were people blurting out the answer in the thread that was discussing the clues. The dumb idiots just couldn't work out that we actually wanted to solve the puzzle rather than just have the answer without knowing what it meant. That one took 3 days to solve cos of all the tracking down of magazines and stuff in far flung countries.

Sir. Any advice for Fallout 3 and also what is a ARG?

See above for explanation for ARG. As for Fallout 3...hmmm...make sure your repair skill is good? Loot everything you can and store any stuff you can't carry easily in bins or other containers near to waypoints so you can fast travel between your home and there so you can get all the good stuff back. Especially powered armour, you can't use it straight away, but it'll come in handy later.

Rifles are damn handy for blowing the brains out of supermutants too once you get the appropriate skills etc.

Gone for the sniper option and found the two sniper rifles in the game so far. Minefield was the cooliest place to play in so far.