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I don't know what I've done, but my right arm feels like I've been using it for exercise or something. The shoulder, bicep and elbow feel stiff and achey. I don't recall carrying anything heavy recently.

In other news, well, not much has been happening. I got to wander around under the warming glow of the day star over the bank holiday weekend. Did a bit of shopping, but failed utterly to find a new pair of jeans. BHS and M&S both let me down in their poor selection and range - BHS especially. BHS seem to think that jeans only come in blue. How lame is that? M&S at least had some other colours, but none in my size and black.

Maybe I can find some whilst I'm not playing games at the National this weekend? I have to pop out before Mortals anyway to obtain a much needed prop *winks at midnightschilde*


That isn't quite what I had in mind for this prop...I was thinking of something I might obtain in say...Tescos.

Is it a swiss roll? I hope so :D

I have props too! I've got a bit of bone and some fur, I just need to construct the eye now!

Gonna find the biggest swiss roll money can buy :)

I hope the eye will be suitably squishy? And edible - it'd be really cool if after the end of the game, you drank the contains of the eye-jar and ate the eye. That'd gross a few folk out :)

*concerned about what they get up to in mortals*

It's nothing bad - it's like the old mage game - lots of tea drinking and messing around with things that man was not meant to know ;)

"BHS seem to think that jeans only come in blue."


Try BHS in London (Oxford St) - that's where I got my dark grey jeans, £15.