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Thursday I was lucky to get hold of Adam H and arrange a lift, so on Friday after a brief blur of panicking we started on up to Manchester. Stopped off a few minutes later to get McDs and get a map. Then we had a proper stab at it. We made good time and Richard & Adam checked in whilst I tried getting a room. Thankfully they had a double room left, so even though it was more expensive I took it.

Freshened up and then went downstairs to check-in only to find that the game had started an hour earlier. Nothing much was happening, so when I got myself sorted out I just found a large group of malks and we just chatted for the hour or so left of the game.

Then it was Sabbat - I didn't have my character sheet with me, but I was told I could just wing it. Since a few of the Southern Regional pack were there I played the character from that. We had fun running about being impatient and stuff. No big combats though. A bit more relaxed than most Sabbats games I played, so I got into a bit better.

Then we went clubbing. A bit of convincing and I managed to get kizzie to come too. The music was OK. The goth room I didn't think much of and the central room was dire dance music mostly, but the cheesy rock room was good. I danced, flirted, chatted and had fun. Then back to the hotel where we found people were still up chatting. Eventually got to bed about 4.30 and slept until 9. The hotel did a luvely fry up buffet for breakfast so I pigged out.

Since I'd left my character sheet at home for Mage, I had to take a pre-gen. The traditions meeting was fun, but not really long enough. The main game wasn't really fun though. Nothing seemed to be happening, no-one had any idea what was going on and then the head mages had a meeting and told everyone to fuck off. So we did - to go shopping and get some lunch. The goth/clubbing shop wasn't really my sort of thing, so adrian and shalafi went to the pub. Back to the hotel to get ready for the main event of the weekend - the Malk clan meeting :).

It went surprisingly well, up until the point where his grace, Justicar Romulus turned up. Rather than sitting at the front where we had provided a seat especially for him, he walked to the back of the room and sat down somewhere behind us all.

Now for some strange reason, I have some kind of OOC/IC danger sense. I don't know how or why, but I can look at another character and just feel waves of danger wafting out of them - without evening knowing who they are. Some how they just give off that vibe of "stay away - I'm trouble"

As soon as the Justicar walks in, my crap-o-meter goes mental as you'd expect. Then he sits down behind us all, out of our vision. My crap-o-meter goes off the scale and then some. He's sitting right behind me. I don't need to look around. I just know he's right behind. I'm bricking myself (or at least I would if my vampire could still do such things). Then he's like his mouth is right behind my ear. He starts heavy breathing. He stands up and lays out his hands either side of my head - I can just about see his hands out of the corner of my vision. I spent the entire time frozen to my seat, hoping that he wouldn't notice me. Then he left and I must have visibly looked relieved. We had a clan head elected for us, dealt with a few matters, sorted out inquis' character's application for joining our clan and then went our seperate ways for the actual main event.

I enjoyed myself immensely. I by sheer fluke managed to get some really really juicy gossip - all in exchange for an outright lie and some fancy shooting. Unfortunately IC I didn't really understand it, so had to seek help. I chatted with people. Socialised a bit. Did some gooby shit which I have yet to find out the full repercussians and took part in a big visual "fuck you" to the justicars - as the malks and nos definitely walked out on them.

That evening after the game was a lot more relaxed and mellow and I went to bed quite early. Got up for another fry up and once I'd packed, did a bit more socialising - although I wasn't particular chatty as my brain was cheese. Then we drove back, did a bit of shopping before watching The Scorpion King. Not a bad film and as suspected from the trailers, doesn't seem to tie in very well with The Mummy Returns.

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