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I'm clearly out of practice at reading tarot cards as the reading I've just done for my self as totally stumped me. On the one hand, it seems to be saying that my future isn't very positive and then on the other it says the outcome is fab. What does everyone make of this then?

The World 7 Wands [R] Page Coins [R] Judgement
5 Swords [R]
Ace Swords
The Tower
Emperor [R]
The Chariot
2 Swords [R]

Just cos it isn't clear (pretty impossible to be TBH) - the 5 of swords, hermit and emperor are stacked in that order with the emperor on top...technically horizontally too I guess.


In the middle you've got "Me" with present situation and major influence on top (or in this case below).

Then starting at the bottom and going anti-clockwise, you've got past, recent past, goals/future, near future.

And going up the side starting at the bottom, you've got self, feelings, hopes and fears and then finally final outcome.