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I'm clearly out of practice at reading tarot cards as the reading I've just done for my self as totally stumped me. On the one hand, it seems to be saying that my future isn't very positive and then on the other it says the outcome is fab. What does everyone make of this then?

The World 7 Wands [R] Page Coins [R] Judgement
5 Swords [R]
Ace Swords
The Tower
Emperor [R]
The Chariot
2 Swords [R]

Just cos it isn't clear (pretty impossible to be TBH) - the 5 of swords, hermit and emperor are stacked in that order with the emperor on top...technically horizontally too I guess.


I've totally forgotten what most of the card placements represent...

In the middle you've got "Me" with present situation and major influence on top (or in this case below).

Then starting at the bottom and going anti-clockwise, you've got past, recent past, goals/future, near future.

And going up the side starting at the bottom, you've got self, feelings, hopes and fears and then finally final outcome.

Hmmm.. well first of, this has the potential to be a very significant time for you, the 6 major arcana show that life progress could be made here.

Possibly some feelings of isolation at the moment, and some negative self talk. You may be feeling bitchy about others, or have the feeling of having been 'beaten' (in a competition sense) by others. You're now in a time where you have the potential to grow, but to do so you need to take a step back and look inside yourself and have a good look at what you find. There is a potential for spiritual growth, but be careful of the hyper logical "don't need this fluffy stuff" attitude which might be coming out in the self talk.
In the past you've been wary of making decisions, preferring instead to wait and see what happens, but be aware making the choice not to make a choice, is actually a choice too! Despite this, there have been some really nice moments of being 'in the zone' in the recent past, but now you're definitely feeling that they are over. You are looking back on them now.

You're also possibly feeling a bit attacked at the moment, or your trying to avoid conflict in future. Be aware that sometimes well managed conflict is better than letting something build up into a explosive conflict.

You really have the potential for some great change, but you have to be at the helm. You have to direct this change, but you are resistant to it because change can be bloody scary. It's also possible that your emotional state is going to radically change, but not through your own actions. Something external is going to push your buttons.

You can start on some new and exciting way of thinking, but you have to drive it. Ultimately the message seems to be that you'll get what you expect to deserve. When you tell yourself that you can't do something it's a self fulfilling prophecy. It's often much easier to go through life and point to how external circumstance has caused bad fortune, but often if you look harder you can see how your own actions led you to that place.

The good news is that you have got some real potential laid out here, and there is real opportunity for growth, but you have to create it. It's going to be challenging to not feel that things are too hard, or that "I could do it if only X wasn't....", but it's a challenge you can over come. Whilst you can get external help for some things, ultimately you'll need your inner strength and will, which is much stronger than you give it credit for.

Wow...thanks. That's like a huge response :O

And I think it goes to some way clearing up the confusion too and makes a lot of sense. Which I guess ain't great cos it's saying I need to get my ass in gear and I'm not exactly known for doing that *sigh*

heh.. well I'm doing my own tarot noodling at the mo, so it was good practise for me also!


OI!!! look what you did there. You recognised that you need to get your arse in gear, and you are already predicting failure! This is exactly what it talks about. Whilst it's good to be aware of weak points, predicting you probably won't escape them will turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. There have been quite a few examples where you put your mind to something and do it, so it's not a 100% thing by any means!

I know - it was a little bit of intentional irony in there, but I you're right. Shouldn't give up before I've started.

The thing is, is that I was asking for spiritual direction/guidance and I can see it's saying that I can get somewhere if I try...but I'm still a the stage of not really having any where to start. Researching psychic development courses found me loads of sites trying to sell me stuff or sites that were way too advanced. I need to be working out magic missiles, not prismatic spheres, so to speak :)

I'm going to the library tomorrow - I'll see if they have anything in there whilst I'm there.

good luck!
very much my way of reading things, also cheating slightly and using the comments from you and cryx about spirituality...

(hermit) You're looking for your own particular path and 'wisdom'. (emperor 5 swords) This will take self discipline and also the ability to recogise when people are stringing you along, trying to sell you something false (or at least false for you). (2 swords 7 wands) this makes your path/position harder: indecision - which way?! - and also means you'll need to stand your ground upon occasion even if you're not convinced there is a right answer. Remember: 'yeah, well, um, it works for me *shrug*' is a valid answer in some situations!
(World, page pent) everything is laid out before you - like a picnic with too many mysterious dishes and although you yearn to be both scholar and teacher you're finding it hard enough to be a scholar. (chariot) Despite this you can prevail - if you want to. You will have to accept that sometimes there aren't clear answers to outcomes or battles, what matters (metaphorically) is that you turned up with your sword and shield, not the actual winning or not but the taking part =) (tower) around you people will fail: that is to say they will not be able to teach you your path - only you really can, but by listening to them and accepting the limitations of their philosophies, you will learn. (ace swords) equal love and hate - grand conquest: this quest is wonderful and frustrating and you hope the wonder will outweigh the frustration. (judgement) time for your soul - you may not get the grand amazing answer you hope for, but all that time and effort you put into seeking will teach you lots and be worthwhile of the effort anyways.


Hmmm...I can't imagine myself being a teacher, but I guess that's to be expected given my current level of knowledge. The picnic bit kinda has it backwards, cos I don't feel like I have that many options in front of me. Or maybe it's more that I have so many that I can't see that I have any?

Still, you pretty much seem to be agreeing with cryx that I've got potential, I just need to make use of it.