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After several years of trying to convince people that The Lost Room is a worthy item of viewing pleasure at IFIS, the committee have finally shown it! Admittedly as an alternative to something they didn't get in time, but can't be too fussy about such things I guess?

The night was spoilt only by the stoopid SU double booking the room with womens rugby's AGM, so we had dozens of scary violent looking women pacing about outside as we quickly finished off one last episode. But I think getting through 3 episodes was more than enough to get people hooked. So much so, that there are already plans being made about organising a showing of the last 3 episodes on some random weekend. With pizza and booze and stuff.

So I guess my next one to aim for is Elektra or Catwoman? ;)


I just need to get it to my friends in the North and the family now :D
Now if I had still been in the womens rugby team, I would have scared them away :D :D

Surely if you were still on the team, you'd be wanting to get your AGM sorted so you'd still exist next year? In fact, that's how we found out in advanced that they were going to show up, cos we have a (wo)man on the inside as it were ;)

It wasn't like they were double booked for the whole session, we just lost the last hour of our booking. It's hard to begrudge them their chance to remain in play - not that I'd guess the SU would reratify them lightly. Plus it meant more time in the pub :)

Scaring them away as in persuading them to go in a different room :) I can't remember going to a rugby club AGM, but perhaps I was naughty :D

Undoubtly you were naughty for some reason or other ;)

Scaring them away to another room would be a tad tricky given how scarce rooms are these days. Plus we'd have been less likely to reclaim our rugby playing member to Crosslands as MLT is practically next door.