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So I had a meatball sub from Subway today and boy do we have it good in the UK. The meatballs might have contained meat, but they really tasted like those really cheap and nasty meatballs you can get in tins. And I have no idea what was going on with the BBQ sauce. On the plus side they have a choice of cheese.


Indeed. I'm going to find a McDs at some point :)

It's not just Subway! I had meatballs in our hotel restaurant the first night I arrived in Canada (near St. Catherine's in Ontario, I don't remember where Waterloo is in comparison) and they were exactly the same!
Subway is great - they need to get one nearer to where I work though so it can be more than just a weekend thing.
"On the plus side they have a choice of cheese."

So do the UK branches.

So, looks like there's something we beat the Canadians at... even if it is "successfully carrying out American cultural imperialism."

But we STILL WIN. And that's what matters :-P

I meant they have a bigger choice of cheese. Like we only have 2 choices and they had about 5.

Oh, well then.