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We have normality

Or at least last night was a damn good start towards it. We managed to clock up 4 students in the end. Although I'm not entirely sure we should count bogadalas as he's not paid up yet and we had a very very late arrival by one of the freshers who turned up at 10:55 just as the last dreggs of us were leaving.

It was so like how things used to be, that we even had a bit of a sing-a-long to Bohemian Rhapsody. Hopefully next week, we'll get more students too.


Wow, another two turned up?

At this rate, *we* might even be outnumbered by *current* students! There'll be someone there younger than me, other than Colin... :-P

Um...no - another 1 turned up. There were 3 there whilst you were - the 2 committee members and bogadalas


Who's that?

Is it Colin? I wasn't thinking of him as a current student, for some reason... maybe cos I 've only ever met him off-campus. :-P