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Things that make you go hmmm...

Or more in this case "Run away!!!!"

Found the Vault-Tec HQ purely by chance. Stuck my head around the door. Heard/saw gun fire. Walked away in the opposite direction very quickly. Obviously because I was on a mission that had people who needed me elsewhere, not cos I'm a cold yellow bellied coward, oh no.


What? No, you fool, you run towards gunfire! How else are you going to loot their bodies?

I know, I know. But I really want to finish this Reilly's Ranger quest first. And I almost have except I somehow managed to find and discard the vitally important plot item before I knew I needed it and when I back for it, it was gone. I think I blew it up :(

I think I'll just go back to the save before that and redo the whole thing cos I'm sure I skipped a whole load of super-mutant butt kicking potential. Although for the most part, these ranger guys have already done most of the butt kicking - I can't walk 10feet without tripping over an already dead super-mutant complete with loot to nab :)