maddy (themadone) wrote,

Not much has happened since I last posted, except seeing the lovely but unfortunately emigrating cryx. I've been playing a large amount of LittleBigPlanet. Re-enactment haven't been deratified yet and IFIS is still sorting out their xmas dinner.

Speaking of which, I just had a HUGE rack of ribs. I am very full. Must avoid sleeping this afternoon. Especially as I ended up getting home very late after IFIS as a handful of us ended up chatting outside for a few idea why we were stood outside a lovely warm building instead of inside for as long as we did. Did mean that I didn't get as much sleep as I should have, but probably about the same amount I'd have got if I'd gone home at the normal time and played LBP.

Have shown nirpius around the IFIS website a bit, so hopefully the list should start getting used again soon. Hopefully real soon, so as to advertise the xmas dinner etc...

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