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People of (ex)IFIS, your attention please!

The Xmas bash I mentioned previously is now definitely pencilled in for the Thursday 11th of December. I say pencilled in, purely because we need to know numbers ASAP as depending on how many we get, it depends on what kind of affair we have.

The choices are either a sit-down, 3 course meal with a glass of bubbly for 20quid. Or a finger buffet - price not mentioned. The former is limited to around 20something people - I'm guessing it's in the "other" side of the pub - so if we get more than that, we'll have to go for the finger buffet option.

And it's specifically on a Thursday at the pub we meet on specifically cos they want to improve ties with the ex-student crowd and hopefully garner interest in people showing up on future Thursdays too.

Poll #1301092 IFIS Xmas thingy 2008

Are you interested, willing and capable of attending this event?

Yes, I'd be interested
No way!
I am a fish/tickybox


*boggles at folk who know what IFIS is etc...ticking the "I am a fish" option and not the "no" option*

Oh. I kinda left out the maybe option as it didn't really make sense in the context of the question. And anonymous_james is confusing matters when he has already said he is a definite "No".

Does that now make midnightschilde's answer a maybe also? :)

No, I really *am* a fish.
i put that i am interested, though i would rather have put maybe, as need to check things...

Well saying Yes isn't committing yourself as such. We're just trying to find out if we're likely to end up with too many people for the sit-down meal or not.

i poked urizen and we are generally in agreement that we would NOT be interested in going to sit down meal, but would most likely be up for popping round for something less formal.
I was the one who put a no way! Bit expensive trip for a night out :-)