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The problem with vending machine chocolate is that it's too cold. But I've found a simple solution...hot chocolate. I dip the cold chocolate in and it soon melts to a lovely gooey mess that I can slurp up happily. And then I get to drink the hot chocolate afterwards.

Can it get any better? :)



...are not chocolate. But I suppose they might make a welcome addition to the hot chocolate afterwards.

Two words.....

Chocolate Tap

Edited at 2008-10-28 11:25 am (UTC)

Re: Two words.....

*drools* I somehow doubt work would let me have such a device on my desk, even if I did have room for it. *sigh* :)

Also...why does that person have a spoon in their hand? Are they about to shiv the vendor for their tub of melted chocolate?


Drinking hot chocolate from an easter egg.

You can thank me later.

Much later...won't see easter eggs 'til at least December when they start up their Easter advertising ;)

The chocolate machine and work dispenses cold chocolate, and the coffee machine offers hot chocolate. What an awesome combination!