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Today has been a mixture of product and non-productive. The latter relates to me going in to town to go shopping, possibly grab a few bits for a Halloween costume etc... It was pretty much a wasted train ticket as I have returned back with nothing. Not even a book or DVD. I'm clearly slipping.

However the day has been totally wasted. I decided to (re)catalogue my DVD collection and having dug out the barcode scanner I flew through the process. I probably spent more time retrieving them from the shelves than I did scanning them in. Plus I spent some time tinkering with the code to get around a few problems too.

There's still a whole load more to do that weren't on the shelves...I'll try doing them tomorrow before heading up to fight club I guess. And then I have to tidy stuff up cos Amazon puts all kind of crap in it's product titles.

Until then, I shall be mostly freaked out by the EPG on my PVR. Stuff starting at 2pm BST is overlapping stuff with the 1pm stuff cos of the clocks going back. It's very confusing and freaky.


Chris do you use a database or what to catalogue your DVD collection, after scanning it?

Yup. I wrote a "library" system for IFIS to keep track of their books, so stealing the code and re-using it for my own purpose wasn't too tricky. All I need to add something is the barcode or ISBN and it goes and pokes Amazon for the details which saves sooooo much time. Except for a few cases where Amazon has shonky data or in a tiny number of cases, the DVDs have dodgy barcodes on the back.

Like I've got about a dozen DVDs that Tescos were selling for 97p a pop that come in really cheap cases that seem to have duplicate barcodes and/or don't match up to the right thing on Amazon. I suspect the barcodes are ones Tescos were using internally to mean "this is a cheap 97p DVD" and as such clash with real-world barcodes :/

I have *no idea* what the last paragraph means. Except 'BST'. :-P

Er...were you meant to understand it? :P