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I clearly don't do character gen often enough cos the session last night for Dark Ages took ages. Although I guess I did have to explain a whole bunch of stuff as well, so I guess it's not too unsurprising it took nearly 3 hours. But on the plus side, we now have 3 shiny new things for cream_horn to abuse and break.

Still got another one to go though, assuming urizen hasn't already done her.


That might have changed...I think our new Malk might have decided to go for lots of Auspex. I think I might have sold Spirits Touch a little too well *coughs*

there's a bit more Auspex around now...

Actually there is a 5th, but I know nothing about him and apart from a rather crackly conversation haven't really had any contact with him. I got handed a phone at GameSoc by one of the new (old) members cos he knew his mate was looking for LARPs in the local area.

Wow! loads of people newer than me :D