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Got a snooty letter from the council telling me off for leaving my bin out on the pavement when I shouldn't have. So I called them up to complain as I'd been leaving it out on the day they told me (Tuesday) and they weren't collecting it until sometime (seemingly) random later in the week. It turns out that randomly and without telling me, they'd decided to change my collection day to Friday. So it's little wonder I'd been putting the bin out too early and then not putting it away again when it was emptied as that'd mean checking if they'd done it or not.

Person on the phone seemed to understand my plight and was on my side, which is good. I don't really like the idea of getting a large fine just cos the council decide to randomly change things without telling me. Although putting it out on a Friday is bloody annoying as it means that if I go away for the weekend on Friday, I can't leave the bin out unless the binmen come before I leave. Cos leaving the empty bin on the pavement, even for a day or two isn't allowed either.

I should have pointed out that if the bin was blocking the pavement, then maybe they should also do something about the cars that park on it and block it utterly too. I wonder what rule/regulation that kind of thing comes under.

EDIT: It also doesn't help when random people...probably the same people that complained about the bin being out too much...put their random loose rubbish in the bin making it impossible for me to fit my own rubbish in it properly. Hopefully I don't get a fine for having too much rubbish now instead :(

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