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Read a horoscope in The Sun (Yes I know - it was just lying around the table at the pub) which got me thinking. Basically it said that there was potential for more passion with the person who provides me with security. Thinking about this from all possible angles, I can't for the life of me think of anyone this could mean.

Finacially, it's me. Sure, I guess Tom provides a bit of cash, but I couldn't rely on it - it's my job that keeps me finacially secure.

Emotionally, I can't think of anyone. I have friends who are sometimes supportive, but no-one I'd consider I could go to whenever I needed a pick-me-up. Everyone is too busy with their own problems to perk me up.

Physically, could mean the house? I don't see myself getting passionate with a building.

I know the actually horoscope was a load of bollocks, but the thinking about what it could mean has got me really confused and a little lost.


Pulp Astrology

My personal opinion [for what it's worth) is that you shouldn't pay too much attention to that sort of horoscope.
A] It aplies to 1/12th of the population of the world.
B] It was in the SUN!

I am not a major horoscope person but do like the following facts about myself:

Chinese Year Sign = Fire-Goat [the element changes every 2 years]
Western Month/Sun sign = Pisces
Ascendant?/Rising? = Pisces
Moon = Capricorn

I have a neat book correlating the chinease/western giving you an overview of the personality type of a Pisces-Goat, it doesn't do the elements.

I have also been told that your rising sign is the way you appear to others, your sun sign is what you usually are, and your moon sign is the way you react when times are tough.

I actually do match most of these quite well [Fire-Goat appart as I can't yet find the info]. I just don't believe that a 3 line horoscope from any newspaper will be of much relevance unless you really streach it!

Try www.astrocentre.com - they do daily / weekly etc horoscopes that is matched to the time of day you were born and stuff