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Wow. I just saw the most awesomely cool idea for a TV program ever. When Women Rule The World has a group of men slaving away for a bunch of bitchy women whilst trying to convince them not to boot them out the village. It looks like heaven. Although I doubt I'd fit in as all the men are fit hunks rather than normal blokes.


Totally against programs like that, since find them sexist and also degrading to people involved in them.

Er...of course it's sexist! That's the whole point. It's a bunch of women being totally in charge and bossing around men.

i agree, plus, they're always badly made with horrible examples of human beings in them. Blech, tasteless.

Now that I agree with. But this particular concept appeals a lot :)

Remember seeing one of the contestants from one of these programs (might have been big brother) telling about how the production team were always getting them to do stuff that was out of character, things they didn't want to do, but they ended up doing it whether they liked it or not. Basically they ran the show and directed the characters like it was a drama not a documentary.

I'd quite like to see a reality show about how reality tv manipulates people into doing these things.