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Today started off a little better, although just as I was leaving I checked my mobile to discover that I had a message asking me to come in for 9.30. Luckily that was sort of when I was aiming for, or else I might have missed the start because amazingly, they managed to start on time today. Not entirely clear what made this happen, but I guess they must have pulled their finger out this time.

The day went well, I got to help out the whole day this time, first for IFIS and then Re-enactment. We seemed to get a goodly number of folk interested for both, although I'm scared by the number of freaks and wierdos who seemed actually keen to hurt and kill people when I was on re-enactment's stand. Two girls in particular wanted to start up "Extreme Frisbee" ... a combination of "Ultimate Frisbee" (people playing frisbee AFAICT) and swords. And sharp swords at that. You very quickly learn to keep the weapons well away from these nutters.

Of course now we have to wait and see just how many people we got to pay up and become actual members. Hopefully it'll be enough.


ultimate is team frisbee. It's the only team sport I have ever enjoyed or been any good at.

Ah right. I've never seen them in action - all we normally see of them is a guy in a penguin suit promoing the club.

"who seemed actually keen to hurt and kill people"

These people should be in the Army, not Uni.

Quite. There was some kind of army stand nearby, but it never occurred to me to suggest them. But even then, the modern army seems to be promoting itself as something that does stuff other than killing folk these days.