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Today has been mostly spent up on campus lurking around the first day of Freshers Fayre. Due to new rules, societies can only have 2 people on the stand and nobody else - even outside. Which of course the "drama" socs blatently flouted and will no doubt get away with. Anyway, this meant that I was mostly unrequired which left me sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and witnessing the hubbub of campus life that I never really saw much of whilst squirreled away in the CompSci lab.

As always, things were badly organised. Everything was an hour late starting, which I think is a new record. The one-way system around the SU meant that you could skip a large chunk of the circuit as it had you walking down to the far end of the room and then just walking back again. Which I think caused a lot of people to be confused on the next bit where they were meant to go on up the stairs on to the stage rather than doubleback.

I've sort of signed up for my usual societies. They'd apparently lost all the insurance stuff again and I couldn't even get my next sticker either. Apparently I'm to expect an email about sorting it out.

Anyway, there's another day of it. They've split off the sports clubs into a different building, so everyone gets to have a stand on both days. Hopefully it's less of a screw up


What sort of affiliation do you have to the University? Can anyone just walk in and join? Or are you a recognised 'Old Boy'? :)

I'm a life member of the SU. Based on the number of times I've been thought of as a student, I don't think I'm quite "old boy" material just yet though :)

Today did got a little better...probably helped that they let us leave our stuff already out, so we just had to come in and wait for folk to start arriving.

The ukelele is mightier than the sword, in SURHUL terms.