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piss up in a brewery?

Helped out re-enactment with their taster session today. It went moderately OK I thought, despite the SU having screwed things up as per usual. Whilst they had placed us in the same location as everyone else, they'd yet again failed to make any effort towards telling people it was happening besides a little footnote in the sea of paperbased material the freshers got when they arrived. On the other hand, the sports taster sessions had posters up everywhere.

The only reason it seems that anyone showed up is because once they'd got their NUS card, they had to leave through the place we were set up. And by "set up" I could possibly mean "screwed over" as they'd expected we'd just wander around with our kit talking to folk rather than actually having anywhere we could put on demonstrations. I did get to talk to lots of people and scare them by handing them a sword. It's weird how people think holding a sword...a blunt one at that...is suddenly going to turn into bloodbath. But we got quite a people who seemed interested in joining, so the day wasn't a total waste.

Now I shall collapse as standing around scarying folk is a tiring business.


What period do you guys do?

No idea off the top of my head. I think the period ends with the War of the Roses. I know it gets mentioned when people ask us about what period we do. But it's all "medieval" to me :)

Fair enough!

sollunastella is the one to ask. Or uveron. They're way more clued up on this kind of stuff than I am. I'm only interested in wenching and quaffing :)

Martin does vikings...

Well yes, but ignoring his sexual kinks, he was president of the re-enactment soc, so should have some idea of the period too ;)

I get the feeling this year will not be the most organised, SURHUL-wise. German have actually gone so far as to go independant, and I can't blame them.