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Spore owns my soul

Spent the whole of last night playing Spore. I put a bit more effort in my beastie so that he looked a lot more interesting and cool. Got him and his mates to go take on this other species that had been giving me a hard time. And by the time I went to bed, was just a button click away from entering the space stage.

I did have a brief break to cook dinner which was using a recipe I made up and it came out not bad. Twas chicken, peppers and onion fried with some of that soft cheese I'd got for the stuffed mushrooms a while back and shoved into some pittas. There was meant to be some garlic and ginger to season it, but I guess I didn't put enough in as the cheese was the dominant flavour. But it was pretty tasty, so I ain't complaining.

I think tonight I shall (try to) not play Spore and do something different. No idea what yet.


Hah, I spent yesterday evening either killing or allying with your beasties ;)

*grins* I hope you were killing the ugly orange version as the green one is way cooler :)

I need to work out how to buddy up with folk, cos I haven't seen anywhere to do that yet.

It was indeed the silly-looking orange guys!

And to find buddies, it's in the Sporepedia, under the buddies section ;)

Ahh...wierd...it seems the EU Sporepedia doesn't let you add buddies or anything like that and that is where the links in my welcome email were taking me.

Oh, I didn't mean the one on the webpage - there's a section in the Sporepedia in your game as well.

OIC! Doh! :)

Don't have it with me at work and I'll no doubt forget if I leave it 'til later. Plus of course, if I fire it up to add buddies, I'll only end up playing it and that'll suck away another evening as I have *lots* of ideas for creatures.

Making beasties is fun! More fun than buildings and vehicles, d'oh.
Tis an ace game. I'm commlal, whats your user name?

Guess :D

mwahaha, another to add to the mighty Zarot empire! (although someone domesticated a zarot yesterday, I was quite miffed!)