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The themes of the weekend past seemed to be rushing and forgetting. I was meant to collect some drugs on Saturday, but I forgot the receipt the first time I went past the chemist. Plus I was in a hurry to catch a train to go shopping. Then later on I was also in a hurry to catch another train in to London for the Requiem game. Then on Sunday I was in a rush to catch a train to visit the parental abode for birthday stuff and I end up forgetting the gift I'd got from the holiday.

Otherwise though the weekend went pretty well. I got everything I wanted whilst shopping, although I did go a bit mad buying books. Couldn't find the one I'd gone in to Waterstones for, so asked if they had any stock. They had many apparently but they couldn't find them. In the end they found a couple of copies in the front window display and it turned out that it was on a 3 for 2 deal. So off I went to find another 2 books to make the most of this. 5 books later I returned to the checkout...oops.

I had a shocking experience in PC World. I found a member of staff who apparently had a clue! I went in looking for a hub because the one that connects the far end of the flat with the broadband keeps wigging out. I couldn't find anything that wasn't wifi or broadband related, so steeling myself for fuckmuppetry, I asked a member of staff where they kept hubs. Much to my surprise he told me they didn't stock hubs, but they did stock switches and directed a n00b staff member in a particular direction to show me. Obviously the n00b had no idea what a switch was and had to ask me if what he'd led me to was what I wanted. But the first guy clearly knew stuff. Very shocking.

Requiem game was fun packed and full of stuff to do. Not racing around solving plot kind of stuff. But lots of having to talk to folk to make deals and sort things out. It was mildly irksome to find just as we wanted to go off and actually do stuff that the STs were tied up in some massive combat scene, but we ended up having a big wild speculative conversation about what might be going on instead.

Oh and I also got a copy of Spore. I'm enjoying it a lot, but not being very happy about how my land based creature is turning out. He keeps getting his butt kicked, I suspect I need to re-think my stragegy. I also saw the most butt-clenching fear inducing thing ever. There I was minding my own business, when this HUGE beast flies in to the area. And when I say HUGE I mean HUGE! It must have been 20ft tall (assuming my creature is average human height). I started heading away from it, but then suddenly without warning I died. I guess it must have killed me. I'm hopping I don't meet it again :O