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Since nothing did get organised for last night, I spent it building a mighty construction of mechanical and hydrodynamical genius in Dwarf Fortress. It's a water powered spike trap. Goblin walks into a room. The doors seal behind it and a series of spikes start stabbing up out of the floor in a checkboard pattern. Poor sods won't stand a chance as I doubt the AI is clever enough to realise there is a pattern to which spikes are popping up next. Plus of it's not 100% accurate at alternating between the two different groups of spikes.

Of course it's probably all a waste of time as the stupid dwarves have some how managed to exhaust their winter supplies and haven't managed to replenish them quickly enough yet. So I'll expect them all to have died of starvation long before another attack arrives.


If you have magma and bauxite available, I'd heartily recommend the Magma Rinse to deal with those pesky sieges. You need bauxite for the pump block and various mechanisms that'll come into contact with the magma.

Basically, have a decoy entrance to your fortress that stays open when you've raised the drawbridges to your main entrance. Mine was a long tunnel with an iron floodgate at each end, with magma on the layer beneath, magma-proof pumps at the near end and an iron floor grate at the far end.

The goblins dash into your deathtrap entrance, and once they're all inside the floodgates slam shut to trap them in-between. Then the magma pumps start up, pouring a torrent of molten rock onto the hapless fools. Much running around on fire ensues.

Their bodies and possessions are, of course, utterly immolated, except for all their iron weaponry and armour, which doesn't melt in magma.

The pumps stop, the magma drains away through the grate, and once it's safe the floodgates open again and the dwarves swarm in to salvage all that lovely ironmongery. :D

I am intending on doing something like that but on a vastly more grander and evil scale. I'm digging a giant moat around the fortress. You'll only be able to get in to the moat from the outside near the top...right near where the magma is...and get in to the inside at the lowest point. The plan being is that the hapless goblins wander in to the moat to bypass my raised drawbridge they trigger the release of the magma. But it's OK, they can outrun the magma and still get in. Except that the magma when it reaches a certain point will trigger a pressure switch that closes the exit at the very last minute, leaving the goblins to wait for a slow and agonising death.

Except of course I can't do any of that as I don't have the pesky bauxite. I might have to see if I can do it with water in the short term and then repurpose it for magma later. It'll still have much the same results.

Sometimes the dwarven traders can supply bauxite. Failing that, raw adamantine is magma-proof, if you're happy with using it to make mechanisms rather than elite weapons and armour.

Ha! I don't have any raw adamantine either :(

I think the map I'm on is kinda sucky - there doesn't seem to be very much of anything useful except the magma. If this lot die, I'm going to try some place else.

I think, having re-read the wiki, that any old stone block will do in a screwpump, so I should be OK in that regard. It'll just be the mechanisms for linking the pressure plates up and stuff that I'm stuck at.

Damn, I wish they'd port it to Linux cos I've just had a cool idea for a magma powered waste disposal unit that lets the dwarves reclaim all the iron and steel kit thrown in it, but I can't experiment to see if any of my ideas will work :(

Re: "So I'll expect them all to have died of starvation long before another attack arrives."

*grins* I wish that was actually the cause of the problem, but it's actually far more ridiculous. The truth of the situation is that they're not out hunting for food because they're spending their time partying and getting off their face on what little booze is left in the stock pile. I'm sure there's a famous fable that fits this, but I can't remember any off the top of my head.

Is it this you're talking about: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ ?


OK, it looks...um.... 'basic', I think is the best word... :-P
Since I thought I already had you on LJ, and then discovered I didn't, I have added you. Naturally, tell me to bugger off and un-add you if you want to :)