maddy (themadone) wrote,

The proof is in the pudding?

As always I seem to be slack at posting on here. Which isn't from lack of anything to post, more just never getting around to doing it. Thursday I had a trip to the vampires. I saw the same one that gave a "second" opinion last time and got me first time. She got me first time too. Absolutely no fuss involved at all. Perfect.

In the evening was the reading group. American Gods went down pretty well amongst the group apart from one guy who'd given up after 3 chapters. I think we've convinced him it's worth giving it another shot. They didn't have many copies of the next book, but I got a cookery book instead as one thing the holiday highlighted, is that I have a small range of things I know how to cook well. I've already mentioned how my first attempt went with that though.

Went shopping Saturday and got a few bits and bobs. Then I tried out the Outback steak place. Pretty awesome service and food wasn't too bad too. Will definitely have to go there again. Then I saw Babylon AD. It's an odd film, kinda like Children of Men in the "guy transporting defenseless girl across war torn lands" but with a lot more action. Vin gets to kick (and shoot) much butt. But I'm not entirely sure I get the plot or at least the ending of it. I suspect there is some missing piece of exposition that explains the whys and stuff. Or maybe it'd be clearer having experienced the thing it's based on.

I didn't see the storm on Sunday, I just hid inside from it and played on console games, ate pizza and watched movies. I've also decided to pluck up the courage to see how much "damage" there was from all the unhealthy food I ate on the holiday and discovered that I've lost 10lb since I last checked. Clearly eating nothing but pudding is good for me weight loss :)

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