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I'm back!!

Yup, I'm back in good old Blighty. The trip back on the Euro Star was pretty mighty. I'd somehow managed to get lucky and get a 5 quid upgrade on the return trip and boy was it worth every penny. Lots of leg room, a table, a power socket for the laptop and free food and drink! And posh food and drink at that - champagne, quail salad and stuff like that. It's a shame that the tube and train back on the rest of the journey were hell. C'est la vie I guess ;)

One thing I failed to mention about the hotel room was the size of the bed. It was HUGE. I know the french came up with the name for 3 somes, but do their hotels have to assume that's all you'll be having? Or maybe I'm just assuming based on the bed having 3 pillows? :)

Saw Wall-E yesterday. It's a good laugh but a damning inditement on the US culture of over spending and over eating. Then I saw Dark Knight. All I can say is "Squeee!". I'm in too much awe to go into any more detail right now. Back at work on Monday which is going to be such a let down in comparision.


The food on the Eurostar is full of win and awesome :D
Ah, the Dark Ker-night.

'twas t3h win. And excellent.

"Let me show you a little trick. I'm gonna make this pencil disappear..."

Heath Ledger FTW. Hell of a performance to go out on, I suppose. Just a shame he did... :-(