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Have at thee varlet!!

Seems to be that time of year where I strike a blow for freedom against the energy companies. As seems to be a running problem [insert any name of power company] have not read my gas meter for ages and thus have guessed the value based on the idea that I spend all day and night burning vast cubic metres of the stuff. Correcting this mistake always makes them go "Buh?!" as their readings are so way off and the actual number so barely unchanged since last time. Thankfully after confirming that I barely use gas, they've accepted the correct figure and added yet more credit on to my bill.

I'm also getting them to investigate what other savings I can make. Their bill mentions paperless billing for example. And some kind of deals as well. And they've radically upped my electric direct debit too, so I'm getting that checked as well.

I'm certainly making this call center person earn her keep tonight. And whatever they're paying her it's clearly not enough as she's totally fab and has managed to sort me out good and proper.