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The past few days have been spent enjoying myself at the Cam National. The journey up wasn't too traumatic, although it's lucky the Blackberry had google maps on it for when we randomly veered off course, but we got there in the end. The hotel was pretty standard and the rooms the games were in weren't overly large or small.

The only niggle with them was their positioning relative to each other. One set of rooms were on the far side of the hotel which according to the various directional signs, meant tromping through reception and the bar to get to them. Which people did often, whilst in their costumes. There was an alternative route that minimised the trauma to the mundanes, but I don't think anyone except me found it.

The games that I played in were fun. I quit early from Mortals having achieved what I'd wanted from the game and not really knowing what else to do. And the Requiem games were both perfect in their length as I didn't have that "Oh dear, we've got another 3 hours of sitting around being bored cos the plot finished ages ago" that we normally get at the big games. Mage was probably the most tiring, but still fun, as playing a ghost that had to wander around and talk to everyone does involve a lot of leg work. Plus for those times I wasn't physically manifested, I had to hold two fingers up in the air like I was shooting the ceiling with an imaginary gun.

So all in all, a fun weekend. Hopefully the next big game will be as good.

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Sort of. There were about 3-4 smallish rooms near the main desk and apparently, although I don't think we ever used them, another 3 larger rooms downstairs. Then there was a large room over the other side of the hotel with another 3-4 smallish rooms nearby.

This wasn't a problem except for Saturday night Requiem as all the other games used only one set of rooms. SnR used both sets and there wasn't any where set out that was a "main" room either, so people tended to either mill about in corridors or lurk in their covenant meeting rooms. And despite being told otherwise, Covenant meetings were all pre-arranged rather than everyone being told when and where as they showed up.

I didn't really find it too much of a problem, but then 50% of my SnR was spent doing Crone rituals. And the other 50% was spent trying to do the plot I was given from the rituals. Which I attempted to do by dancing, often alone, at the Carthian dance party trying to get others to join in. That was a big waste of time and space - they'd put it in what had been the "main" room the night before.