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Second game didn't go well either. Technically we had about 6 people show up, but 2 of them were there for something else. And most of them turned up after the game was due to time-in. So we ended up having a meeting about the fate of the domain. Oh hum.

On the plus side I got XP for it which means I've actually hit cap for the first time in months? And apart from 1xp, I've spent the vast backlog I've been saving up whilst the game wasn't running. Of course, I have to actually remember what all my new found goob does for it to of any use :)


I guess my "Oh hum" wasn't depressing sounding enough? ;)

The domain isn't viable, so we're going to transfer every character over to Southwark (I hear the ST over there smells funny though) and effectively run "Runnymede" out of there instead. Occassionally holding Southwark games from there when the Southwark Prince decides not to hold a court or something. And sometimes having chapter games if need be too.

From an IC point of view, there shouldn't be any noticeable difference and not really any either from the OOC side of things too. Except we do upgrade our VC for a much hotter model.

There was also talk of running a "Runnymede Mortals" tabletop game, since we've got the right number of players for sitting around someone's lounge roleplaying.