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It's been a while, but I've just dusted off my tarot deck and did a spread for myself. No specific question as such - more a "state of the nation" sort of thing.

I drew the following cards and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it

  • Significator - Justice (rev)
  • Covering - Page of wands (rev)
  • Crossing - Queen of coins
  • Below - Page of cups (rev)
  • Behind - 8 of coins
  • Crowning - 3 of coins
  • Before - 5 of coins
  • Self - The Hierophant
  • Environment - The Hermit
  • Hopes/Fears - 2 of coins
  • Outcome - 8 of cups (rev)

My initial impression is that it's about my job. There's the possibility of a Team Leader position. The card behind me is all about being a hard worker and the one that crowns me is also about a job well done. So I've got the chance to do well in my current job? The self and environment cards in a job context represent my abilities at teaching others - the noobs - about stuff.

The beneath card is a bit of an odd one out being cups, but given I've already passed up the chance for this promotion before, I guess that it's probably about missing out previously.

I'm mildly perturbed by the card before and the outcome. Maybe I'm about to enter a period of job-lessness? Leave the current job behind and briefly have no income. Maybe the crowning card means there is a potentially better job out there for me? Who knows.

The 2 of coins is all about juggling things. The thing with being a Team Leader is most of the time is spent in meetings. I fear that I'd find it hard juggling the meetings and not doing real work. Real work is the stuff that is interesting.

Meh. I'm very out of practice. And mildly perturbed that it seems to be job related since I'd have thought my health was a far more pressing issue. That or love - I could certainly do with a few kicks up in the bum in the right direction for that too.