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I was planning on going out to do a bit of shopping but I the weather has put me off. It's not like I had anything in particular I wanted to get and I know that Waterstones is unlikely to have any more stock of the book for the reading group yet. Well it's not like I don't have a mountain of TV to catch up on, so I think I'll do that before heading out to the pub to see cryx

Having just turned the TV on, I've seen a really scary sight. There's some kind of indoor cycling sporting event on and they're doing speeds in excess of 60mph! I don't think I've ever gone much above 15mph and even going that fast was pretty hairy o_O


When I had a speedo on my bike, I clocked 31 on my bike. It was fun, and in a 30 limit!

I'd be so worried about falling off and dying at such speeds!

It was years ago, I don't think I was even worried about it. I go far faster than that when I'm skiing.
Oddly enough I meant to say that I wasn't even wearing a helmet, but I guess I'm a bit distracted.
I broke the speed-limit before on a bike. Yes it was 23 years ago, but then again I am not that brave now.