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So tonight is going to be the first session of the new Sci-Fi/Fantasy reading group I heard about a few weeks ago. Given that I'm going to be meeting a bunch of complete strangers, I feel remarkably calm. Although I've got a good 8 hours before hand in which to work myself up into a frenzy of anxiety :)

Hopefully it won't be just me and the 2 organisers. I've no idea how long they were advertising in the store, or where else they've put the word out. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


6-7pm every 4th Thursday at Waterstones.

If you do decide to go, do you want to meet up on the way? No idea when/how I'm getting there yet as all public transport annoyingly arrives at 6 or just after.

I was planning on going straight from work. I got in at 9:30, so in theory I can't leave until 6, but I figure I'll leave whenever and make up any time up tomorrow. If I were going to go by train, I'd probably leave around 5:20 and see which train I could catch.