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Question time...

I've got it into my head that I would like an portable music player. So my question to those of you out there, is what would you recommend?

Only requirements I can think of at the moment are possibly having a display of some kind (to make it easier to find specific tracks). And not needing some crap wanky piece of software to manage what music is on the device - I want to just plug it in and it to act like a USB storage device or something.


Zen stone plus! Cheap, good, and have a screen. Even compatible with my mac :).

Do you mean one of these? Cos I was looking at them on Amazon yesterday :)

yupyup, thats what i've got...
I have a creative zen which fits your requirements :)

OK...that seems to be another vote for what I was looking at yesterday.

I'm thinking a trip to Amazon after work is going to be a must ;)

I owned an old 1gb creative zen but lost it on the train. It was fairly good, I didn't choose it myself but worked very well.
Archos 405

I have an older 404 model, and it is mighty. Video recording at 640x480@30fps to MPEG4, playback (320x240 screen), and enough capacity for most people's MP3 and video collections. :-)