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Yay! I'm back!

As the subject says, I'm back in the UK. Blimey it's cold! :(



welcome home

*grin* so you want to in back to the sunny land?

Re: welcome home

Spot the predictive text. ;)

Welcome back Sir.

Re: welcome home

*Shame* Yup, predictive text bites me.

Re: welcome home

Definitely! Clearly I need to become a contractor and spend n-months of the year working so I can spend the colder months in hot countries.

Welcome back!
Be glad you weren't here just before Christmas, it was a lot colder (or at least felt colder) then.
welcome home. It was colder where I was--below zero F with wind chill...

Clearly you've got the wrong idea about going away for xmas - you're meant to go somewhere warmer not colder! :)

Welcome back. also your a southern wimp its currently minus 3 and you moan :P

Having just spent several weeks enjoying temperatures above 20 degrees, I think I have ever right to complain it's cold ;P