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I think so far, that out of the 3 new and exciting places I've been to, Hong Kong is my least favourite. It's too crowded and confusing. I see a sign for a shop/restaurant/whatever and then I have to work out where it is. Take for example my attempt to find a cinema in one of the local shopping malls. Turns out, to get in to it, I had to go outside and around the side. Hardly what I'd consider "inside" the shopping mall.

I kinda failed to find a local eatery today. My guidebook appears to be really out of date. Every place I've tried to locate has either been replaced or just doesn't exist. I ended up eating in something random I found that appeared to be a Hong Kong take on what an Italian cafe should be like. I'm not 100% convinced, but I tried ordering the Duck Cabonnara...I think they misunderstood and gave me the bog standard ham version. And just cos it seems to be standard, I had the Tiramasu which wasn't especially great - too much creamy stuff and not nearly enough spongey goodness.

I had a good look around at the shops. It looks like getting Blu-Ray discs here is quite finacially sensible...except that most of the ones I've looked at aren't the right region. And I'm not sure there is a "fix" out for the PS3 to get around that issue. I'll have to have another look to see if there are any region free discs or something tomorrow.

I've cancelled my "Ocean Park Tour" that I don't remember booking, so that frees up tomorrow for hopefully watching the Noon Day Gun and more randomly wandering the streets of Hong Kong.