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Another very exhausting day wandering around Sydney, this time on a mighty quest for .... Swimming Goggles. Now you'd think that in a country where swimming and other water related activities are pretty popular, that it'd be pretty easy to find such items. But no. There's plenty of shops for fashionable clothing to wear whilst doing water sports, but very few shops that actually sell stuff you'd use whilst doing them. So I ended up on a mighty trek around Sydney but eventually managed to find a pair for cryx to take with us on our trip to see the Great Barrier Reef this weekend.

Conversely it took me only at most 30 minutes to find a pair of board shorts and a pair of thongs! Yes, that is a picture of my thongs. Go on, you know you want to look.

Met up with cryx for chocolatey goodness at the Lindt cafe. Not too shabby, although the place in Singapore seemed better. There's apparently one from the same chain here in Sydney, so I shall hunt it down and see if it is just as good. And tonight met up with a bunch of folk cryx knows at a random cafe type place. Had to wuss out early cos I'm so very very tired. I think all this sunshine and walking is bad for me or something :)

And for riksowden there is a picture of one of the pie shops I've seen on my travels. I'm not entirely sure why they appear to have added "Hot" on as an after thought. Did someone come along and ask "Are your pies hot?" or something?

Tags: oz trip
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