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I ate what?

The rain has certainly cleared the air a lot. It's no longer like walking through treacle, but it's still pleasantly warm. It's still quite wet on the ground in places though. Hopefully my trainers will dry out before the flight tomorrow cos they're quite icky to walk in.

I ate more chinese food tonight, although nothing too adventures for the main course - just sweet and sour chicken and rick. It tasted a bit like Sugar Puffs - I guess they must have used honey in the batter or something.

For dessert I had double boiled Snow Fungus. Definitely a WTF food item. It's like eating really white, almost transparent pasta that is completely tasteless. Or boiled egg white I guess. I would't say it was disgusting, but I'm not sure I could recommend it in the form I had (in a sort of fruit salad soup). *shrugs* At least I can say I tried something new and different whilst I was here :)