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Day 01 - Chocolate Heaven

It seems the damage to the suitcase is a tad worse - the resting doodah on the bottom has been smashed in too. Luckily after much walking around, I found a place that sold some form of tape that'd repair the damage. Today has involved lots of walking around and shops. It seems I can't walk anywhere without finding shops. And they tend to feature heavily on the hitech stuff too.

On my travels I found a McDs and despite feeling bad, thought I should see how a Big Mac compares to what we're used to. Not that different to be honest. Then I found a Ben'n'Jerrys cafe. I think, even taking in to account the exchange rate, it was a tad over priced. But it's good to have nice icecream.

I took a walk down by the river and headed across to the other side to see a local attraction called the Merlion. As you can see from the pictures it's a lion crossed with a mermaid. On the way back I found something for sea_cucumber.

The weather has been very warm and the air is like treacle. All thick and gooey with humidity. It did have a brief stab at trying to rain, but it was a pretty poor effort. Certainly nothing like the monsoons I'd been told to expect. Tomorrow I shall make sure I wear sunscreen, cos it's definitely sunny above the clouds.

In contrast to lunch, for dinner I went to a random chinese place. They had an open air movie theatre on Fridays. Tonight was showing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I've seen before and not been overly thrilled to with. I had Kung-po venison. It wasn't very hot, but had a slight tang to it.

Then afterwards I headed over to the giant battle slugs as my guide book mentioned there was a place that sold nothing but stuff made with chocolate. I was greedy and had some kind of chocolate and toffee mocktail and a chocolate truffle mousse thing. My belly is very happy and full.



That church is so shiny and white!!! wow :)

I thought you'd like it :)

If you have time, I'd recommend checking out the Singapore Science Centre, as it's got lots of cool hands-on exhibits and things. :)

It's quite a trek away by the looks of it and I haven't yet braved the public transport system yet. Mostly cos when I tried, I got told by the ticket office to use the machines and I found they didn't take notes. I've only got today left, so I might leave it 'til next time. I'm going to investigate the nearby China Town and Little India :)

That merlion is weird. Strange, but the building behind looks just like the HSBC building at canary wharf, and the building in front has a vague look like the entrance to the mall there too. scary how big cities with their skjyscrapers all look alike

You do know what HSBC stands for don't you? ;)

But I guess they do look pretty standard for skyscrappers. And I went to see the Merlion cos it looked wierd. They featured it in an intro to Singapore.

Glad you are having fun!!!