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Well looks like I'm not going to be ready for tomorrow after all :(


what's up??? *hug*
What's (not?) happened ?

Well I can't have a bath as there aren't any towels available. The one I would have used is sitting on a drier half-washed where my housemate decided to be helpful and wash it, but put too much stuff in the machine, so it started complaining and gave up (which I suppose is better than blowing up or catching on fire or something). And is also why I've only just managed to finish the washing I was meant to do on Tuesday, but couldn't as we'd run out of gel-doodahs.

Since I've been mucking around doing laundry and packing at 3am, I haven't been able to get to bed early like I'd planned, so I've got to try and stay awake on the 18+ hour flight or else I'll run the risk of getting another DVT :(

And I was going to tidy the lounge, but housemate decided in the process of removing the throws off the sofa to tip a load of cake all over the sofa and jam a load of stuff down the back. I can't really deal with that kind of thing right now. Especially as it's late and I suspect neighbours won't appreciate a vacuum cleaner at this time of night.