maddy (themadone) wrote,

Regularly readers are probably wondering if I've already gone on my holiday given how long ago it was that I last posted. But that is not the case. I've just been really really crap at keeping this up to date. Not that there is much to report I guess.

I've been doing a lot of coding. There's a little program that checks to see if a domain name is available and if so, fires off an email to the appropriate folk saying "Gimme! Now!". The fact that a certain game related domain that I used to own might be coming back on the market has no relation to my interest in working on this...honest... ;)

I've also been working on an idea for a website I've had for a while now. Apart from a few exceptions, the entire site is completely editable by it's users. For the most part it'll be like a wiki, except that certain areas will behave slightly differently. Like I'm planning on having an events area that lets you add a page for an event and it'll list it in a calendar. But the interface will for the most part still look like editing any other part of the site. And I'm thinking of ways of making it self-policing and letting the users prevent other obnoxious users from putting up crap. I'll probably never use it for real anyway, but it's still interesting to work on.

At the weekend I went shopping. On the off chance Amazon didn't deliver the replacement ink cartridge, I got some anyway from PC World...yes it was more expensive than it should be. But I really need to print off a load of stuff for the holiday.

My faith in Amazon has been restored however, as my long absent delivery from over a week ago has made an appearance, along with the one I was expecting this week too. So now I have an abundance of black printer ink. But it's not like it won't get used :)

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